Sunday 29 October 2006 – Phuket Town, Phuket Province, Thailand

After a final walk along the beachfront of Ao Nang, my transfer arrived at the hotel. A minibus took me into Krabi Town where it dropped me at the government bus station. Here I boarded a large coach bound for Phuket Town via Phang Nga. Other tourists headed for other resort areas, including those on Phuket, went in private minibuses. On board, the locals had mostly closed the curtains, so I only got glimpses of the countryside. However the now familiar limestone hills continued.

Arrived in Phuket Town after about five hours and found my way to the Imperial Hotel (650 Baht per night for a decent room with aircon and private bathroom). The Vegetarian Festival was in full swing, to the extent that a couple of cafes I visited were not serving food at all, saying everyone would be eating at the Festival.

A food stall at Phuket Town's Vegetarian Festival
A food stall at Phuket Town’s Vegetarian Festival

Indeed, when I found my way to the end of Thanon Ranong, there was a packed half-mile of stalls lining the road, which was packed with locals (I only saw a handful of tourists in the couple of hours I was there). A heavy, but quite brief, rainstorm passed late in the afternoon.

One wandered along selecting from the many vegan snacks available. After a couple of turns and several delicious morsels, I gathered a selection of takeaways and returned to my hotel room for a quick dinner to celebrate my last night in Thailand.

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