Perth to Bali

Sunday 22 June 2008 – Perth to Bali

After travelling to Perth for a busy week at Australian Tourism Exchange I decided that if I had to go that far, I might as well take some leave and go a little bit further and visit the Indonesian island of Bali again, which I’d enjoyed when I’d visited in 2004.

Perth International is for some reason located on the opposite side of the runway from the domestic terminal and significantly further from the city by cab (I’d offered to share a cab from the city with a couple headed to the domestic terminal). I arrived in plenty of time, but stood for an hour I the check in queue, Garuda seeming to have just three counters to serve a full load of surfing Aussie holiday makers.

Imagine a group of mature men – mid 40s to 50s, behaving like a bunch of kids on a school trip. Well, I met them and was sitting in their midst on the plane – Mohawk haircuts, piercings and clothing best suited to teenagers. I was worried it would be a bumpy flight, but in the end, they were not badly behaved, merely high-spirited. I kept my MP3 player on and the flight was soon over. By the time I reached the Pelangi Bali Hotel in Seminyak it was after 10pm, so straight to bed.

The shaded passageways of the Pelangi Bali hotel
The shaded passageways of the Pelangi Bali hotel

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