Thursday 11 June 2015 – Ao Nang, Krabi

Ao Nang being a bit of a disappointment, I’m wondering what to do for the next week before heading to Bangkok to join the Intrepid tour. I would like to see Phuket Town, to complete my Straits Chinese trading town survey. Or maybe Phang Nga, for access to the bay. Have bought the updated Lonely Planet guide e-book so will spend the day in cafes researching.

Curious figure outside a pharmacy in Ao Nang

First café of the day was the place next to KL House where I spent a pleasant hour updating my diary and enjoying a very sweet iced coffee and an egg and cheese baguette. It was so close I could use KL House’s Wi-Fi (when KL House’s Wi-Fi actually works).

I walked around the headland to the north, mostly occupied by the Krabi Resort, past the ‘SUNSET’ sign and bar to a little cove that could be good for a quiet dip. Further access along the shore wasn’t possible so back to the road, past the hawker food stalls and bought a lovely pineapple and coconut shake. The stalls took and smell pretty good but they have very limited seating at the side of the busy road.

Around the headland there’s a creek with longtails moored; across the road lots of new development includes a whole new soi of hotels, shops and restaurants with apparently mostly Asian guests. This new development continues along a shaded walkway the beachfront, past the huge temple/monastery (if that is what it is, with its giant Buddha statue). At the end of Noppharat Thara Beach is a National Park and Ao Nang jetty. Just across the sands at low tide, a few more karsts enticed me out to explore, with a handful of other Western tourists around.

Back to the little beachfront bar in Ao Nang for somtam – they didn’t have any other food available. Felt quite hot and sweaty so checked out a new resort on the beachfront that advertised use of its pool for 150 baht. But the pool was tiny, without any shade and full of children, so it was back to KL House to cool off.

Early evening saw me back at the beachfront for a beer and pics of the sunset (quite nice), using Chris’ travel tripod, which I’d been carrying. I considered a massage but the nice place next to my café was closed, so I headed back to last night’s restaurant for pad Thai, red curry beef and a shrimp salad, all good. Walking further back up the main road towards Krabi Town there were more new hotels and strip development and a huge mosque, so lots of Malays and Middle Eastern types around here.

Have decided to spend three nights in Phuket Town, then bus to Hua Hin for a couple of nights before the final push to Bangkok on Friday next week. I’ve also booked (via the front desk of KL House) a couple of activities for the next couple of days.

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