Night Safari

Singapore, Wednesday 18 July, 2001

Spent the day hopefully awaiting a call from SIA to say I was on Thursday’s flight home. I wandered down to the SSO office to say farewell to the staff, and ended up having lunch with George, who seems to have turned into quite a good friend – someone I hope will come to visit in Tasmania at some point.

Decided that as this could well be my last evening in Singapore, I should to the one thing that numerous people whose opinions I respect have told me to do in Singapore – visit the Night Safari. It was good, with animals in reasonably natural looking surrounds, bathed in electric moonlight. A ‘tram’ takes visitors around a long circuit, then there are walking tracks criss-crossing the park that allow for a closer view of the inhabitants.

The staff were helpful and knowledgeable, a refreshing change to some attractions I’ve observed recently. When by late in the evening, SIA had not called I gave up on getting onto the morning flight. Was feeling quite disheartened at the prospect of spending perhaps another week in Singapore. Perhaps I could visit Palau Tioman and do some more diving, or head to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia after all?

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