Hua Hin to Bangkok by train

Friday 19 June 2015 – Hua Hin to Bangkok

I walked back down the beach and turned north past the piers and ended up in the actually fishing pier, which was being renovated, so getting back to the street involved a lengthy detours around the dock and through the neighbouring campong, following a group of young men emptying rubbish from a boat with a trolley.

My hair is getting very untidy so I found a hairdresser and sat down. The result, for TB250 including a shampoo, bas a bit of a pudding-bowl, but it will grow out by the time I get home! Checked out of the hotel then found a massage place around the corner for a foot, neck, back and head massage. Bliss for 170 baht.

A quick satay and beer at a Bavarian café then crossed over to catch the Bangkok train. It was a third-class stopping train – halting at practically every station along the way, often for inexplicably long stops, but sometimes just for a matter of moments. When moving it went quite fast, but spent more time stationary than moving.

Fans and open windows kept it comfortable until heavy rain caused the windows to be closed. It wasn’t too crowded until we got closer to Bangkok, when commuters started to fill it up – mostly school students heading into the city.

Finally arrived at the Bangkok station about 7.30pm. The taxi rank was quite organised, with guards keeping the tuk-tuk touts at bay and proper taxis available. A kindly Thai lady helped translate my hotel address and my driver got me there pretty quickly for about TB80.

The Royal Princess Larn Luang Hotel was quite grand, dating from the 80s. The décor was a bit tired but it was good value although very little in the way of shops around. There were some local food stalls in the streets nearby, but am not feeling confident ordering from these yet, so dinner was a couple of peers and a packet of crisps.

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