Digital travel for non-digital natives

I have just returned from a five-week journey through Southeast Asia, travelling 2500km (mostly) overland from Singapore to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

It has been an entirely digital journey, from ‘dreaming’ through research, booking and payment, making on the go arrangements, using and managing gadgets, keeping in touch, sharing, bragging and documenting the experience.

While I’m reasonably technically savvy, I am no digital native, and I had to learn and improvise along the way. I then thought that friends and others of a similar age might be interested in what I had learned, and be interested in sharing their own experiences of travel in the digital age.

So that is how this blog has arisen. It is not for ‘digital natives’, who will, I’m sure, read my modest offerings and mutter to themselves ‘duh, grandad’. This blog is not aimed at you, so you can stop reading now – unless you wish to contribute to the learning and discussion that will hopefully arise.

It is for the rest of us, who remember travelling in a different time, when you made arrangements with travel agents, sent postcards to keep in touch, waited for occasional letters from home and possibly, occasionally, gathered your larger loose change to make expensive long-distance telephone calls from noisy public booths to loved ones when homesickness started to gnaw.

What changes have you noticed in the way we travel now? Please write your thoughts and comments below – I’d love to hear from you.

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