Beijing to Hobart

Sunday 4 and Monday 5 October, 2009 – Beijing and enroute

Hutong, Beijing
Hutong, Beijing

Due to my being very late to book the trip, Maria was booked on earlier flights from both Beijing and Hong Kong, so we travelled together to Beijing Airport so she can go to her gate before I can check in. With Maria safely despatched, I check in and settle in for a few hours’ wait.

Bicycle in Beijing
Bicycle in Beijing

Beijing airport appears closely modelled on Hong Kong’s – both are the work of superstar British architect Norman Foster, and have a train running between terminals; unlike Singapore you don’t have the option of walking between terminals.

Eventually my flight to Hong Kong departs. At Hongkers I kill some time having dinner and shopping, paying in AUD, but with change in HKD. There is free wifi, but it’s a slow connection, but at last I can get to Facebook, so post a few updates.

Maria walking down a hutong laneway, Beijing
Maria walking down a hutong laneway, Beijing

My night flight to Melbourne goes via Adelaide, where we are ushered into a holding lounge as we won’t do immigration until we arrive in Melbourne. Once we do arrive, immigration & customs is quick and relatively painless, but Jetstar check in is third world – despite Cathay codesharing with Qantas, one has to run the gammut of bag drop and changing baggage allowances, as well as queueing up for days just to check in – not ideal after a sleepless night in transit.

Beijing streetlife near our hotel
Beijing streetlife near our hotel

Eventually I arrive back in Hobart – home sweet home, after a thirty-six hour transfer – and Maria only arrived home half an hour before me, thanks to Jetstar!


2009 is Chinese year of ecotourism (as interpreted by staff at the Dunhuang Hotel) = turn lights off in hotel corridor. Guest can find way in dark.

Excerpts from the Guest Services Directory of the Dunhuang Hotel

  • For a medical massage, please dial 9260

‘Western Style’ room service menu:

  • Cold Dish (fruit salad)
  • Soup – Borsch
  • Hot dish – fried prawn
  • Pasta
  • Sandwich

The Guidance of Broad Band

  • The broad band of the hotel lets you enjoy the delight of internet.

Guidance of Usage

  • If you have any inquiry about the broad band, please call the reception at 1666.


  1. Please obey the laws and rules of the country when you use the broad band
  2. You can not use the broad band to do anything harmful to the country safety and secret. Moreover, checking, copying and spreading any blue information are strictly forbidden.
  3. Sending baleful document and advertisements are forbidden.
  4. Any activities which are possible to endanger the internet safety or violate others’ rights are forbidden.

Dunhuang Hotel reserves the rights to explain the details of this Guidance.

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