Beach life in Legian

Tuesday 20 July, 2004 – Legian, Bali, Indonesia

I’m now really relaxing into the whole sun & surf aspect of my holiday. After breakfast I wandered through Legian, checked email and did some shopping – t-shirts for Alex and Harriette and some silver pendants for Tanya and Kiri. Dropped photos off for processing and had lunch at a little warung in Seminyak.

Huge kite about to be launched near Legian - July is kite-flying season in Bali
Huge kite about to be launched near Legian – July is kite-flying season in Bali

Took a long walk north along the beach in the direction of Pettitenget Temple, in the vicinity of Bali Ayu. Found a little beach hut for a cold beer and to read my book for a while, before wandering back along the beach to Legian for a swim.

Legian Beach, Bali
Legian Beach, Bali

Collected my photos and had what Tim and Stephen had described as a ‘disco-nap’ prior to heading along the road towards Kuta for a pretty ordinary dinner of Ayam Bumbu Bali (chicken curry). To fill in time I wandered around and sat by the beach at the end of Jalan Melasti. I was approached by a coulpe of hopeful boys who chatted innocently. Made was dressed head to foot in motorcycle leathers and helmet. Freddy, from northern Sumatra, asked about Australia. They may have been money-boys, but I didn’t feel moved to find out.

Legian Beach, Bali
Legian Beach, Bali

At 11pm I wandered back to the Hula Club to see the renowned drag show and to be chatted up by various local lads. The show was standard by quite skilful lip-synching to popular songs. The boys clearly went to some effort with their frocks and makeup.
Later I wandered up to Q Bar and other clubs, but not really my scene, so went back to hotel for sleep.

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