Hi, my name is Andrew Ross, I live in Hobart, Tasmania, but I love to travel, and I love technology.

This blog is about my experiences and knowledge of travel in the digital age, which is so different from how those of my generation and before used to travel. Digital technology has transformed every aspect of our journeys, from dreaming through research, booking and payment, making on the go arrangements, using and managing gadgets, keeping in touch, sharing, bragging and documenting the experience.

is not for ‘digital natives’. It is for the rest of us, who remember travelling in a different time, when you made arrangements with travel agents, sent postcards to keep in touch, waited for occasional letters from home and possibly, occasionally, gathered your larger loose change to make expensive long-distance telephone calls from noisy public booths to loved ones when homesickness started to gnaw.

To connect and find out more about me, please visit my website No Visible Means. I’m on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, if you’d like to get in touch through those – links on the website.

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