Saturday in Singapore

Saturday 30 May 2015 – Singapore

The first day following international travel is one to take quietly, and today was no exception. The Seacare Hotel is a little out of the way – only a block from the Singapore River in one direction and Chinatown in the other, but on the wrong side of a major road in both directions. On my first outing on foot I took a few wrong turns and an unnecessarily long route along the river. Breakfast of noodles at a sidewalk kopitiam under Funan Mall.

I bought a pass for the MRT & busses, walked along underground Raffles Way to SunTec City. Lunch of fried radish and hokkien mee at a food court in Millennium Walk Mall – a new favourite. A lass tried to sell me soap in SunTec City and gave me a sample – very fragrant orange soap.

There was a big consumer electronics show in the function space, a bit of a mega-market. Bought a big memory card for my new camera & battery backup power supply to keep my camera rolling and my phone and iPad running during the trip. I considered also buying a WIFI hard drive for backup, but cloud storage should be fine.

Felt tired by mid-afternoon, so I returned to the hotel for a rest, finding my way back from Chinatown. In the evening I caught the MRT from Chinatown to Harbour Front station, which is under the Marina Bay Sands hotel. There is a big public area out the front and a boardwalk extends almost right around the Marina harbour, so I spent a couple of hours wandering and taking lots of photos, which you can see in the slideshow below.

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