Final day of the conference and dinner with our guides

Tuesday 29 September, 2009 – Mogao and Dunhuang, Gansu Province, Western China

Wong Xedong, Kirsty Alpenberg, Sharon Sullivan, Neville Agnew, Bo Ming, Martha Demas

When the program of the conference workshop finally ended, there was no escape – endless speeches, then a promise of drinks, then some more speeches.


Sharon Sullivan was presented with a ‘Chinese’ passport – she too is now a ‘hero of the revolution’, apparently.

Professor Sharon Sullivan being honoured by Deputy Director of the Dunhuang Academy, Wong Xedong


Our wonderful guides took Maria, Sharon, me, Kirsty and LeeAnne to dinner in the Night Market – naturally, it was barbecued mutton in deference to Aussie barbecues. Liu Chen has spent too much time with Phil Bradshaw!


We then went shopping in the night market with Sharon & Kirsty. and I finally bought the Generals plate I’d been admiring. Now I just need to get it home!


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