A journey through Egypt – Introduction

At Tut's Tomb (KV62) Photo by Ellen Needham
At Tut’s Tomb (KV62) Photo by Ellen Needham

In January 2009 I made a journey through Egypt from the south, or Upper Egypt, to North, around Cairo.

It was a small group tour arranged by Hobart couple Mike and Patricia Jenkins through their Ma’at Productions travel company. While they work in education, Mike is an archaeologist with a specialisation in the Nubian areas around Aswan.

Mike and Patricia spent their summer holidays each January for many years guiding groups – mostly Australians – and sharing their knowledge of Egypt both directly and through their own network of local guides.

Dancing at Esna's house - photo by Chris Thomas
Dancing at Esna’s house – photo by Chris Thomas

My good friend Chris (Kristafa) Thomas had traveled with Mike and Patricia on several of their tours over the previous decade, so this was his chance also to share with me the Egypt that he had come to know and love. We were joined by an affable group of fellow travellers who joined the journey with a spirit of curiosity and fun.

The following entries are my own daily journal entries for the month-long tour, along with (mostly) my own photos.

Mike and Patricia made one additional tour of Egypt the following year; regrettably since then, the political uncertainty and security risks have prevented them from visiting again.

A presentation (in PDF format) that I presented to colleagues at the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority upon my return

itinerary for the 2009 Walk Like an Egyptian tour (copyright Ma’at Productions)

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