Around Seminyak

Monday 23 June 2008 – Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

The breakfast buffet is generous but bland – fired noodles, French toast (soggy), mushrooms, bacon and tasteless ‘chicken’ sausages. Went for an early walk down Legian beach and back up Jalan Legian. The Sing Ken Ken Hotel (where I spent my final nights of my previous trip here) has been demolished – perhaps not a moment too soon.

Sunset at Seminyak
Sunset at Seminyak

Otherwise, as hot and dusty as ever. The Bintang Supermarket is still going strong – bought more ‘saffron’ and some vanilla pods and some juice to have in my room. I spent most of the day lounging in and by the pool, feeling very relaxed already. Wandered to a café down the beach for lunch – a beef salad (OK, but bland, and the waitress was kind enough to warn that it was served raw).

A wander to the top of Jalan Seminyak in the early evening, before a good massage on Dyara Pura, an ordinary meal at Mumpi’s Warung and some DVD shopping.

Surfboards for hire at Seminyak
Surfboards for hire at Seminyak

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