Last day in Bali

Thursday 22 July, 2004 – Legian, Bali, Indonesia

My last day, although as the flight doesn’t depart until well after midnight tomorrow morning, I do have a full day to fill. I negotiate to keep the room for the next night so I have full use of it and can shower before I leave. They’ve even offered to take me to the airport in the hotel van.

Wandered down to Kuta and back up through Melasti, procuring more t-shirts. Back to the beach around noon. Several of yesterday’s hawkers came to say high and the brolly boy remembered me.

Bakso seller, Ubud
Bakso seller, Ubud

Lunch at Benny’s Café – at last I got to try bakso, the local soup and meatball dish most commonly served by roving hawkers. A tasty, meaty broth is filled with tasty pork meatballs plus, in this case, mushroom and a hard-boiled egg. Also a decent mee goreng with prawns (udang).

Sunset at Seminyak
Sunset at Seminyak

Back at the beach, bodysurfing some very big waves – if fact try not to surf them as a) they are too big and powerful and b) they tend to break further out anyway, so tried to pick more moderate waves to bodysurf.

Bali Sunset
Bali Sunset

Had a pleasant afternoon watching the sun set. Beach boys played soccer on one side of me, in the intertidal area whilst another lot played volleyball up near Jalan Pantai Legian.

Bali Sunset
Bali Sunset

I finally dragged myself away from the beach to shower, pack and head out for dinner before heading to the airport and home.

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