The odyssey concludes

Singapore to Hobart, Thursday 19 July & Friday 20 July 2001

Visited the SIA Office again, who suggested that I go to the airport tonight in the hope of getting on the overnight flight down to Melbourne. Ric arrives home just as I’m leaving – he and Ryan have been good hosts, if not often home. Travelled to airport in a Mercedes limousine.

After a nervous wait – and some unpleasant threats about my luggage being overweight to the value of $1000 from a couple of officious check in staff who seemed to be in training, I got onto the flight. It departed at about 10.00pm and got into Melbourne at around 6.00am.

Managed to get on the 9.00am flight to Hobart and was collected at the airport by mum and dad. The house appeared to have survived and after a brief, nervous period of familiarisation, the cat remembered who I was. I was delighted to be home in time to farewell Julie Warn on her last day with the TSO after 10½ years, and I think she appreciated my being there. The gift of the silk scarves went down a treat.

Being at home after such an extended period of effectively living another life, or series of lives, was quite odd. The house felt at first like some clothing that doesn’t quite fit anymore, and my first trip to the supermarket was an unexpected challenge, as though I’d forgotten how to shop for a real home life. Needless to say, it all came back to me remarkably quickly and within a few days I felt as though I’d never been away, and am even wondering where I should be heading next…..

Elephant sculpture outside the Victoria Concert Hall, a gift from the people of Thailand to those of Singapore

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