Dinner at Raffles

Saturday 30 June 2001 – Singapore

It was nice to see Honey and Jim Bacon. Also travelling in the Department of State Development entourage were Ann Atkinson (whom I hadn’t realised was married to Jim Atkinson of PMP Print, also along for the ride), plus Jeff Kelly, Scott Gadd and Alan Campbell.

Ric was seated at ‘High Table’ with Jeff. There was some fuss from Alan about namecards (I gather ‘Mrs Hudson’ became ‘And Friend’). When Alan asked me what Ric’s friend’s name was, I had to explain that this was not ‘the friend’ (Ryan was working), but that Ric’s guest was just ‘a friend’. But apparently it all worked out and Ric said he’d enjoyed himself.

Jenny Ting from the SSO accompanied me to the dinner. Jenny, passionate about food, was fascinated in all the glassware that accompanied a formal western style meal. We had a lengthy discussion about the use and service of wines and general Western table etiquette.

Later on I had a good gossip with Julie Lithgow, and Cary Lewincamp joined us – he was along as the authentic Tasmanian entertainment. Jenny chatted to Cary about possibilities for future work in Singapore and I gather put him in touch with some of the shopping centres that operate entertainment programs.

Singapore across the bay
Singapore across the bay


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