Ticketing, Cantonese opera and clubbing

Friday 22 June, 2001 – Singapore

Kenneth Tan works with SISTIC, the national ticketing agency who do ticketing for most major events in Singapore. He was charming and we had a great chat. SISTIC are endeavouring to obtain more details from their customers so that they can increase their direct marketing capabilities. We shared research and experiences in providing on-line ticketing capabilities. SISTIC also has a group sales section that arranges special promotions and advance bookings to their corporate clients.

Went and found a mosquito net to take to Malaysia (the sales lady’s first comment, after I told her what I wanted, was ‘Are you going to Malaysia?’! After some dinner, I attended a free performance of some Chinese Opera (Wayang) at Hong Lim Park. The sound was awful – a clutch of cats being strangled to the accompaniment of beaten saucepan lids – but the sets and costumes were jolly. I had absolutely no idea what was going on, plot-wise, as the promised surtitles simply weren’t working, and the sound reinforcement was not especially helpful either. However I managed to last an hour.

Cantonese Opera performance at Hong Lim Park, Singapore
Cantonese Opera performance at Hong Lim Park, Singapore

Then I wandered further along into Chinatown and went into Taboo, a popular local nightspot, and waited for Singapore to let her hair down. Unfortunately there were hardly any customers there, just about 12 staff constantly trying to sell one overpriced drinks. After a while, however, it began to fill up, the music grew louder and Singapore did, indeed, let her hair down. Home about 2.00am.

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