Musica Ficta from Columbia

Wednesday 13 June, 2001 – Singapore

A day of doing nothing in particular. Had heard of a ‘dumpling festival’ happening in Albert Mall, near Bugis Village, starting today. Went down for a look, but it hadn’t really finished setting up. Nonetheless I tried a vegetarian rice dumpling and it was delicious. They wrap cooked rice and fillings tightly in banana leaves and then steam them for extended periods. The result is unwrapped and eaten cold (at least in this case) as a snack.

I was contemplating trying a few more when the rain started to come down. I had left my umbrella at home and thought it would not last long anyway, so dashed into a nearby department store. After half an hour it hadn’t stopped, so wandered through a series of malls and across roads to get to Bugus Junction, where I had lunch and looked around for a couple of hours until it did stop.

Didn’t have the energy to go to the gym – feeling very lazy! – so went home for a rest before heading out to the Victoria Concert Hall to hear a baroque music group from Colombia – not something you hear every day. They played authentic Latin American music from the baroque era – 1500s to 1800s as far as I could tell, on original (or at least reproduction) instruments – shawms, dulcians (a precursor of the bassoon), lutes, percussion and harpsichord. It was interesting, but I wasn’t tempted to rush out and buy the CD.

Musical Water Fountain, Sentosa
Musical Water Fountain, Sentosa

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