Meeting with Marketing Department

Monday 11 June, 2001 – Singapore

Worked at home, updating diary and emailing for the morning. I fully expected to receive a call to say that my meeting with the marketing folk of SSO was cancelled yet again, but no call came.

Just as I was ready to leave, the heaviest downpour I’ve witnessed yet in Singapore began. I waited, hoping it would stop, but didn’t have time to wait, so dashed over the road to the bus stop. Fortunately a bus came straight away, but I still got soaked. By the time the bus reached Hill Street, the rain had eased off a lot.

Had lunch with the team from the Singapore Symphony Marketing Dept. It started quietly and very polite, but they soon opened up and we ended up having quite a productive discussion about practical ways that might help build audience numbers for the SSO. Things like making the ‘Gala’ concerts properly gala, encouraging people to dress up and treat concerts as an ‘occasion’ (starting with the ushers!), and some data collection and direct marketing offers.

The Marketing Director even confessed at the end that ‘they had learned lots from me’! I also stressed the importance of working with, rather than against other departments, where there appear to have been some unfortunate clashes.

After lunch and a gym session I made my way home, buying a bottle of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon on the way, for dinner with Ric and Ryan – yummy pasta, steak and green vegetable.

Woven carpets for sale on Arab Street, Singapore
Woven carpets for sale on Arab Street, Singapore

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