Meeting with Robert Casteels

Thursday 7 June, 2001 – Singapore

Made my way to La Salle-SIA College (yes, the SIA bit does stand for Singapore International Airlines, who apparently provided significant funding to establish the college) to meet up with Robert Casteels. He was anxious about finishing a speech he had to give this evening at the Belgian Embassy where he was being honoured with some national award, but nevertheless showed me around his college, demonstrating instruments of the gamelan orchestra and talking enthusiastically about his areas of work. We chatted for over an hour before I made my way back to town. Later in the day I wrote up an account of the meeting to send back to the TSO, for possible use in promoting Robert’s concert with the TSO in early August.

Back at the SSO, Jamie Lee wanted to talk about another project – an introductory pamphlet for new audience members. We discussed the purpose and contents of the item. Then I decided against going to the gym again today and instead went back to Stevens Rd and wrote up the day’s meeting. On checking my email, I found no fewer than eight replies (I’d sent out a general newsletter to friends and colleagues earlier in the morning). There was also a message from Owen, including a copy of the letter he’d written to the SSO summarising his treatment during his five-month contract with them – it sounded like a horror story!

After dinner (for the first time sitting at the table with Ric and Ryan) and a good chat, I decided to go for a wander. I’d decided against another festival event tonight, there being only two on offer, one of which I’d already seen. The second was a ‘multi-lingual, multi-media story about the life of Sun Yat Sen, which I thought I’d leave to real festival directors. So I wandered down to Borders and spent an hour browsing in their CD store. I ended up purchasing two discs, the Spirituals album of Jesseye Norman and Kathleen Battle, and another of various shorter works by Arvo Part.

Ostriches at Haw Paw Villa, Singapore
Ostriches at Haw Paw Villa, Singapore

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