Ultima Vez

Tuesday 5 June 2001 – Singapore

After writing up the diary and dealing with some emails, I bussed down to Furama Mall and had a coffee and read for a while before heading back to the SSO office to meet Sponsorship Manager Freddy (Aloyisius) Low for lunch. He wanted to understand how the TSO’s sponsorship arrangements work, particularly the structural inclusion in the Marketing portfolio.

He was keen to find out more and was very open about his view of the shortcomings of the SSO’s structure. Freddy has an arts background, having worked with theatre company The Necessary Stage, as well as for the corporate sector. We had a great chat and spent nearly two hours over a very simple lunch.

Parrots at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
Parrots at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

After a trip to the gym I had some Indonesian food at Raffles City (beef rendang and a number of vegetable dishes, plus a big plate of fresh fruit) before heading out to the Kallang Theatre to see the Ultima Vez company, a dance cum performance art company from Belgium.

Their show, ‘About Wishing and Hoping’ was multi-textural, including acting, speech, film, a soundtrack by David Byrne as well as dance. It was pretty dense, themed around the expression of deepest desires and needs. The all-male company was quite extraordinary, but in the end I wasn’t quite sure what to take away from it all. It ran nearly two hours without an interval, too.

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