Singapore Botanic Gardens

Today was a good example of spending lots of time without actually doing anything. I must be starting to relax! (although I think yesterday’s exhaustion was the result of being busier and more stressed than I’d given myself credit for). I woke to find that it was about to rain, so spent some time over coffee and rolls and reading Friday’s paper. I don’t seem to have seen a paper, local or otherwise, since leaving the Allson Hotel, where they were slipped under the door every morning. Not that there was much in it.

Despite the temptation to sit around the house all day, when the rain finally stopped I decided to go out and do …. something. Walked down Stevens Rd to Scotts Road, and called in at Starbucks (the coffee they serve here seems to be stronger and more flavourful that that in the US), and spent over an hour lingering over one cup of coffee and the day’s papers.

Decided to turn right and go to the Botanical Gardens. After taking a wrong turn (going down Tanglin Rd rather than Napier Rd), found the Gardens. The highlight was probably the National Orchid Garden, with examples of gorgeous tropical orchids. Wandered around the rest of the gardens, including the Symphony Stage where the SSO and other performers give outdoor concerts. It’s not a huge venue, but very scenic, with the stage set on a lake at the top of a shallow, lawned valley.

Wandered back down to Orchard Road. I had intended to go to the gym, but Ric had invited me to share dinner with he and Ryan, so decided to head home by about 6.00pm. Went into the big bookshop, Kinokuniya, again and got lost in vast areas that I’d not seen on my previous visit. In the music section I bumped into Dr Chang, from the SSO Board and we discussed matters for a few minutes. He’d received a copy of my report, which I’d emailed him. We agreed to meet and discuss it further.

By this time it was 6.15 – time had gotten away with me. Raced down to a supermarket in the basement, grabbed a bottle of Australian red and some bread, and then hit the queues! At least a dozen deep, and only half the registers working – typical Singapore. Decided I’d better phone home to check what time dinner was on, and Ryan said they’d already eaten! I keep forgetting that not everyone eats as late in the evening as I do, so the wine and bread went back on the shelf and I went back to the bookshop! Wandered home a bit later and had some of the lasagne that Ric had left on the bench – delicious.

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