Little India

Saturday 2 June 2001 – Singapore

Spent the morning catching up on email replies and updating the diary for the last couple of days. A hot, sunny day, so I went downstairs and sat by the pool for a while, until that became too hot and I lazed in the pool for a while. Ended up getting just a little burnt – will have to be more careful. The sun doesn’t burn as fast as at home, but it does still burn.

Feeling a couple of mosquito bites itching – although these are the first bites I’ve had since being in Singapore. I must have been bitten the other evening at Fort Canning. Will have to get some insect repellent. Wandered along Orchard Rd for a while, found another food court under Lucky Plaza and had some very satisfying Claypot Pork Rice – yummy. This is becoming a favourite dish here, the richness of the sauce and rice are cooked on a flame inside a ceramic pot with selected meat, and the pork seems to work best of all in this way.

Then went to the gym to work off the effects! I was feeling a bit weary after the gym, but decided to wander around Little India, an interesting area just to the East of Orchard/Bras Basah Roads. Lots of stalls selling saris, gold jewelry and restaurants, along with the usual clothing, luggage and electrical stores. Bought some groceries at a quite inferior supermarket in Plaza Singapura (it was on the way back to the bus stop), then home. Had some dinner with Ric and Ryan, then crashed into bed at around 8.00pm, and didn’t wake up until around 12 hours later!

Arab Street
Arab Street

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