Keeping busy

Tuesday 15 May 2001 – Singapore

Met with Mr B C Teo, SSO’s Administration Manager. He explained his role of mostly administering staff and player contracts and employment arrangements. Everyone is on a two-year contract and he is working on the player ‘redundancies’ outlined by Liew Chin Choy.

A major concern is the recently high turnover of administration staff (most current staff have only been with SSO for a year or so). He is attempting to stem the flow by improving pay and working conditions for staff and is reviewing pay-scales and conditions, many of which he said have been unchanged for many years.

Mosque, Arab Street, Singapore
Mosque, Arab Street, Singapore

Later I prepared a draft media release about my visit for Julie Lithgow and sent it off, then got to work on drafting the music education brochure for Jamie Lee. Once completed it was duplicated, read by the entire team, we discussed some of the ideas (I was just trying to amalgamate things that already are happening or would be very straightforward to implement, into a cohesive program, which I’m quite happy for them to call their own!)

Was pleased to hear from TSO office that the Ball had gone well.

Suffering a little from the heat by the end of the day – went home and had an early night.

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