Moving day

Wednesday 9 May 2001 – Singapore

Awoke around seven to pack and write up yesterday’s diary. Around 7.15am, a tuba player started practicing in the next room! Joy of joys. At least I was already awake. Packed my bags and checked out of the Allson Hotel.

Had a short chat to George Wong, the SSO’s Artistic Manager and agreed to meet properly next week. Went with Education Executive Jenny Ting to the Singapore Lyric Opera where she was seeking some photographs for some education materials she’s producing. SLO stages two productions per year, generally utilising the SSO in the pit and staged at the Victoria Theatre (next to the concert hall).

They said they can’t get local artists so import a chorus from the Philippines and soloists from around the world. Next production is La traviata in August. Jenny, like many prosperous young Singaporeans, is a bit of a traveler. She has ‘invested’ in a property development that gives her a week per year in a choice of holiday resorts around the world. She said she likes the outdoors and walking (unusually for a Singaporean), and is interested in visiting Tasmania.

After dinner at Raffles City I caught a taxi to Stevens Road and moved into my new abode.

Brightly coloured fabrics in Arab Street, Singapore
Brightly coloured fabrics in Arab Street, Singapore

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