Vesak Day holiday

Monday 7 May 2001 – Singapore

Felt a bit down and lost this morning – not exactly homesick, but a bit tired of schlepping around town through the heat and not having a home. However Ric has agreed that I can stay in his apartment, so that will be OK. I also think I’m ready to start work and get some routine going, after floating somewhat in limbo for the last couple of days.

It was cooler today, a little overcast with some light rain from time to time, so decided to wander along and explore Chinatown, which is nestled in behind the shiny skyscrapers of the central business district. Later in the evening I returned to Boat Quay where there was a free outdoor jazz concert happening, with a very good, apparently local, band of young musicians. Interestingly, there were hardly any people in the audience, although the performance was running into the night, so more may have been planning to arrive later.

Tortoises in a pond, Singapore
Tortoises in a pond, Singapore

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