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Sunday 6 May – Singapore

I’ve grown weary of traipsing about the town to check my emails, and also of finding public phones, so this morning I set out with a mission to get my mobile phone working on the local network (much cheaper than Telstra’s Mobile Roaming option which I’d had connected), and to sign up for a local Internet service.

Clarke Quay on the Singapore River
Clarke Quay on the Singapore River

The phone was easily sorted, with a pre-paid SIM card that replaced my Telstra card (which will go back when I return home), the value of which can be topped up when necessary. The Internet service was also quickly sorted out and took only a couple of hours to be up and working, even from my hotel room. All this on a Sunday, and all before lunch!

Sculpture in central Singapore
Sculpture in central Singapore

Met with Ric, an American who’d lived in Singapore for 7 years and had an apartment on Stevens Road, which turned out to be very swish and salubrious – certainly the best I’ve seen so far and one that would do me very nicely. Later in the day I explored the district further up the Singapore River than I’d previously ventured, to Clark Quay and Riverside Walk.

My favourite sculpture along the banks of the Singapore River
My favourite sculpture along the banks of the Singapore River

It’s a very hot day and I retired to the Hotel to a welcome swim. Given that Singapore is just 100 miles or so north of the equator, I’ve been amused to see several department stores advertising ‘Spring’ collections and sales! If this is the spring, I can’t wait for summer…. Several stores also have areas that sell ‘Winter’ clothing – overcoats, scarves, hats and such. I suppose it’s because more Singaporeans are travelling and from time to time need such apparel, but I would find it very difficult to bring myself to so much as try on an overcoat here. I’ve brought my raincoat with me, but even though it’s rained several times, I haven’t used it – it’s cooler just to get wet. Dinner was some excellent steamed dumplings at another nearby hawker stall.

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