Looking for a home

Saturday 5 May – Singapore

Someone from the Singapore Symphony rang this morning to advise me that Monday was a public holiday and that I should turn up on Tuesday at around 10am. Nice of them to let me know – although someone at the Australian High Commission had already done so.

Fruit for breakfast this morning – and from now on, if I can manage it. I haven’t heard much news from home except for reports in the morning paper (The Straits Times) about a surfer being attacked by a shark and the culling of dingoes on Fraser Island. The headline was something like ‘Go to Australia to see the wild life – but be careful it doesn’t eat you!

Emerald Hill Road
Emerald Hill Road

As I had to travel to view prospective accommodations, I decided it was time to learn about the pubic transportation systems, especially the fabulously efficient, cheap and air-conditioned MRT or subway system. At lunchtime I met my first prospective housemate – Robert, a young Australian working in Singapore’s advertising industry for 2½ years. His apartment is in Emerald Hill Road, just off the middle of Orchard Road and a very attractive spot indeed.

Emerald Hill Road
Emerald Hill Road

The street contains many old shopfront houses dating from the early 1900s and is well worth the short detour off Orchard Road. My second prospective housemate, Ann, an Australian teacher who’d worked in Singapore for the last seven years, lived in an older style condominium (or condo – people don’t live in flats here unless they are Housing Development Board ones and thus very down-market) in Holland Park, an area a short distance from the city and popular with expatriates.

Later in the day I received a call from another possible housemate, whom I will meet tomorrow.

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