To Singapore

Thursday 3 May 2001 – Singapore 

A smooth and uneventful trip. Punctual departure and a state of the art Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 with fantastic in-flight TV screens on every seat and a portable remote control. Just a shame that the programs and movies were rubbish. Good, Asian-style food.

Had forgotten how humid Singapore (and the tropics generally) can be, as I haven’t really visited the tropics since I was last in Singapore in 1989 (the America’s tour visited a range of climates, but not the tropics!)


The Allson Hotel had my reservation – typed up and confirmed by the Singapore Symphony’s fax. It’s quite elderly and a bit run down, but very central and quite comfy – I’ve turned the air-conditioning onto full. I went out to a hawker market next door and bought a wonderful rice dish ($4.00) and a couple of Tiger beers (somewhat more).

Have returned to Hotel and turned on TV – a weird pan-Asian mix of stuff – CNN Asia, various Malay and Japanese programs, some Indonesian as well as some wonderfully weird Japanese youth program – a sort of Japanese Eurovision Song Contest.

Before bed, watched a re-run of the Rough Guide to New Zealand! The same channel seems to be running lots of local arts adverts – one for Singapore Rep’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ – apparently an all-male production, and one that caught my eye – ‘Ballet under the Stars’!!!

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